CNC Milling

I have a general knowledge about: how to  prepare file using rhinoCAM; tooling; feed speeds; how to calibrate a machine; and how to safely operate the machine. I have participated in a couple of projects where I was responsible for fabricating parts using CNC milling as a tool.

Timber in Tension structure

In a two-term seminar project designed by IAAC students supervised by Manja Van de Worp and Raimund Krenmueller, we explored a novel application of timber. Pursuing structural design through computational analysis with tools such as Karamba, physical prototyping, and digital fabrication. We applied these techniques to build a lightweight structure for the IAAC rooftop. 

Facade panel pattern.

It was an interesting project where we had to explore, design, and test all construction elements from scratch. I had a chance to fabricate them using CNC Milling.

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