Christos Trompoukis

Ziing Zeng

Victoria Fedorova


Infinite3 is a project that attempts to provide a easy to build and sustainable housing construction system for the city of Toronto, based on three design drivers: circular materials, Design for Disassembly, and participatory design.

The proposed solution is a scalable construction system. Glulam columns and beams, fastened with connectors that allow for easy disassembly, create the structural grid. The floors are constructed with CLT panels. This system can support a variety of different housing types.

A system of interlocking panels, made from repurposed byproducts of the timber industry, is used for the partitions of the houses. This allows for easy reconfiguration, change of use, and expansion of the housing units.

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Through the use of a computational algorithm, developed using Grasshopper, the inhabitants are given access to a participatory design interface, that allows them to design their spaces. Each apartment is unique and can be reconfigured over time.

Groups of people from neighbourhoods of max 36 apartments, select a view for the main shared space and discuss what functions they would prefer to share. 

Once all flats for one neighborhood are developed algorithm creates all possible combinations of fittings. Thus, we receive a fully packed cluster where users themselves evaluate the practicality of assemblage.

The end result, despite being affordable, offers the inhabitants the ability to design unique, visually appealing, and eco-friendly apartments. By involving people not only digitally but physically we bring more awareness to understanding the circular design approach. 

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